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roll sheet cut to length Start Today Stock & Quality Strategic Investment Our priority is always our business. We are growing our business day by day with our investments. TOP QUALITY GALVANIZED COMPANY OLUKLU CATI SACI IMALATI THE BEST QUALITY MANUFACTURER CORRUGATED SHEET CONTACT


We have been with you for years. As we grow our business day by day, we also increase our quality.

We are expanding our network day by day with both machinery and equipment and marketing investments we make.

We are growing day by day with the power and support we get from you. While our annual sales tonnages are multiplied, we are constantly improving our quality.

To tomorrows as strong as steel, strong as steel...

Your Curiosities

We have an annual steel capacity of thousands of tons.

With our new machinery investments of 2021, we are establishing our thinner slitting and new ironing cut-to-length lines.

We are on the way to open new financial methods to our customers with our international connections.

As Istanbul Galvanized Sheet Prices, the budget we allocate to R&D is increasing day by day.


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